Episode 74: Movies and TV For Language Learning

Episode 74: Movies and TV For Language Learning

This is Chad and Jared’s final episode before their Untranslatable Podcast European Vacation. Jared is brushing up on his German, and Jared is quizzing him on Czech. A great way to learn a new language is through television and movies. Chad and Jared also share some movies that have been useful and not during for language learning. They talk about what makes a movie a good movie for learning a language, and the important keys to language learning via movies and television. They open the episode spreading some love with some Shoutouts of the Pod. Then, they share some new Untranslatable Phrases. After they talk movies, Chad and Jared discuss a new Song of The Pod, Chad quizzes Jared on some Czech phrases for the trip, and ends with a personalized Quote of The Pod.

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