Episode 95: The International School Experience

Episode 95: The International School Experience

Jared had a unique childhood experience when he moved to Germany at 11 years old. Chad and Jared talk about his experience at an international school, and what is was like returning back to the United States to finish his final two years of high school in Michigan. First, they talk about Chad talks about his weekend trip to Czech Switzerland, and Jared talks about his experience at the Red Velvet Hall Chamber concert. After, they spread a little love with some Shoutouts of The Pod. After they share some new Untranslatable Phrases. After they talk about Jared’s experience in an International School, they share a new Song of the Pod, Chad and Jared share a new Czech and Spanish word of the Pod, Chad shares some corny Jokes of the Pod, and Jared ends the episode with a Quote of The Pod summing what he learned during his time going to school abroad.

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