Episode 103: How People Live Around The World

Episode 103: How People Live Around The World

Everyone needs shelter, but that shelter looks and operates differently depending on where you are are. Chad and Jared talk about different living arrangements, the most expensive places to live, and when people leave the nest depending on various cultures. Also, Jared is on the road in Michigan, and he talks about his fiasco with an AirBnB and his process for finding a new living a new home in his soon to be new home. First, they spread a little love with some Shouts Of The Pod. Then, they share some new Untranslatable Phrases. After they talk about how people live around the world, they discuss a new song of the pod that Chad discovered from a concert he went to in Chomutov. Then they share a new Czech and Spanish Word of the Pod. Chad shares some Jokes of the Pod and a Quote to finish the episode.

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