Episode 109: Chad and Jared’s Homecoming!!


Chad and Jared are home! Chad is back from 10 months of teaching in Czech Republic, and Jared is back from 4 years of living in Philadelphia. They talk about the feelings of returning back home after being away for so long. They also talk about the first thing they have to do now that they’re back in Michigan and some of their goals now that they’re back home. They start by exchanging gifts representing their former homes. Then they spread a little love with some Shoutouts of The Pod, and share some New Untranslatables. After, they share a Detroit-specific Song of the Pod. Chad shares his final Czech Word of the Pod, and Jared shared a Spanish Word of The Pod he learned from a new Mexican TV show he’s addicted to. They share a homecoming quote, and look forward to what’s to come during their time together.

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